Page 4: B.A. of Queen’s College, Belfast

Queen's College, Belfast, by gerard172 on flickr  



Queen's College, Lanyon Building, Belfast


(Photo courtesy of gerard1972 on flickr, who takes gorgeous pictures of Belfast)

Lewis’s mother, Florence Augusta Hamilton, graduated with First Class Honors in logic and Second Class Honors in mathematics in 1885. In an age when women’s mental capacities were still denigrated, it’s a particularly impressive achievement. The first woman was admitted to Queen’s College in 1881, just four years earlier, so it does not seem a stretch to imagine that Florence Hamilton was a woman of unusual resources.

An image of Flora Hamilton at her graduation

Update 11/23/2008: I have been lucky enough to be in contact with James O’Fee, the former president of the C.S. Lewis Centenary Group in C.S. Lewis’s hometown, Belfast. Mr. O’Fee has written an extensive and well-researched response to my post for those who are interested in learning more about Lewis’s mother.


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