Preface, vii: Confessions..of Rousseau

Far less famous and more secular than Augustine’s memoir, Jean-Jacques’s Rousseau’s Confessions was published posthumously in 1782. Because Rousseau included some events that show him in an unfavorable light—including the fate of his five illegitimate children—his memoir has been noted for its candor. In addition to this soul baring, Rousseau also denounces fellow authors who he imagines to be jealously conspiring against him. Today the work is most notable as an early instance of the autobiography.

Full text (English translation) at the Gutenberg project

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Preface, vii: Confessions…of St. Augustine

vii: Confessions…of St. Augustine: Written 397-398 A.D. by Augustine of Hippo, the Confessions of St. Augustine relate the saint’s experience of sinfulness and eventual Christian conversion. The book is widely considered both a great Christian classic and the first modern autobiography.

A free copy of a 1955 translation of the Confessions (various formats)

For more info:
How The Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill discusses both Augustine’s life and the Confessions‘s impact on history.

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